Temporary Activity visa (subclass 408)

Main Features

A Temporary Activity (subclass 408) visa gives the holder permission to travel to Australia temporarily in order to:

  • work within entertainment
  • participate in an activity for which they have been invited by an Australian organisation
  • take part in or observe a research project by an Australian body
  • take up a ‘skilled position’ as part of a staff exchange
  • take part in sporting competition or training at a sufficiently high level
  • take part in a Department of Home Affairs-approved programme which provides benefit to the community or promotes cultural exchange
  • undertake full-time religious work
  • work as a crew member on a superyacht
  • work as domestic support for a qualifying senior foreign executive


Applicants will be required to show that:

  • they have the necessary skills and/or experience to do the activity they intend to pursue in Australia
  • they have an appropiate sponsor or supporter
  • they meet all the specific requirements pertaining to the stream they are applying for

Length of stay

  • Up to three months if the applicant has been invited to take part in a particular event
  • Up to four years if the applicant is participating in specific activity sanctioned by the government of Australia
  • Up to two years for any other type of activity


From AUD 405

Who can get a Temporary Activity visa?

You ma be eligible to apply for this visa if:

  • you plan to stay in Australia for no more than three months, apply before you travel to Australia and have support from a qualifying event organiser in Australia
  • you plan to stay in Australia for a period longer than three months and have a qualifying sponsor in Australia for your visa
  • you meet the necessary criteria for the particular type of activity you intend to undertake in Australia
  • you have in place sufficient funds or funding for yourself and any accompanying family members for the duration of your stay, as well as health insurance
  • you meet the standard health and good character requirements for Australian visa applications
  • you sincerely intend to enter Australia on a temporary basis for the specific purpose of the activity or work in your application​

Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE)

GTE is a standard applied to applications for temporary visas to Australia which attempts to make sure that these visas are used for their intended purposes, and not as de facto permanent residence in Australia. Individuals entering Australia on a Temporary Activity Visa are therefore usually not entitled to extend their stay beyond four years.

The GTE requirement will form part of the assessment of your application for any temporary visa. You should therefore ensure that your application will satisfy the caseworker reviewing it that your intention to enter Australia on a temporary-only basis is genuine and honest.

GTE assessments can consider:

  • your personal and family circumstances
  • any immigration or visa history in Australia or another country
  • whether you have complied with the conditions of any previous visa that has been issued
  • any other matter the caseworker considers could be relevant​

Financial support

You might be required to show documentary proof that you have sufficient funds to financially support yourself and any family members that accompany you. This might be an employment contract, bank statements, proof of accommodation and/or allowances from your employer or other forms of evidence. If you are unsure what might constitute sufficient evidence of funds, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

English language requirements

You may also have to provide evidence that you have at least a functional level of English language ability (IELTS 4.5 or equivalent). This requirement was put in place to ensure that attendees of qualifying events get the full social and cultural benefits it provides, as well as to assist organisers in meeting their health and safety obligations.​

Your sponsor

You must provide the following information from a qualifying sponsor if you submit your application from within Australia, or from outside Australia if you plan to stay in the country for a period longer than three months:

  • Your sponsor’s Transaction Reference Number (TRN) or their Sponsorship Application ID
  • Your sponsor’s approval letter, or a receipt from the submission of their application to be a recognised sponsor
  • A formal written statement from your sponsor stating that they will abide by their obligations in respect of you and any dependent family members on your application

Who can get a 408 visa?

A Temporary Activity visa (subclass 408) is appropriate for individuals looking to come to Australia on a strictly temporary basis for the purposes of one of these activities:

  • Entertainer: working within the entertainment industry e.g. film, TV, theatre, whether as a performer or in production
  • Invited participant: individuals who have been invited to Australia for particular cultural or organised social event, and for a period of no more than three months.
  • Researcher:
    • to take part in or act as an observer to a research project in Australia
    • to engage in research related to your own field in an Australian institution
  • Religious worker: to work full-time at an Australian religious institution
  • Special program: to take part in a pre-approved program which provides youth exchange, community benefit or cultural exchange opportunities
  • Sport:
    • take up a position as a player, coach, referee or assessor with a club or sporting organisation in Australia
    • train in an organised and sufficiently high-level program in Australia
  • Exchange: contribute to a staff exchange program in a sufficiently skilled position for the purposes of:
    • providing cultural exchange opportunity to the programs’ participants;
    • improving relations between Australia and another country;
    • developing and enhancing the skills or experience of the participants
  • Superyacht crew: to take up paid employment aboard a superyacht in Australia
  • Domestic worker (executive): taking up paid employment within the household of qualifying senior foreign executives

You will require a formal sponsor if:

  • you intend to remain in Australia for longer than three months; or
  • you submit your application from within Australia

Applying outside Australia

Applications submitted from outside Australia for a visa lasting less than three months must be accompanied by a statement of support from an event organiser in Australia.

Applications submitted from outside Australia for a visa lasting longer than three months need to be accompanied by sponsorship from an approved sponsor for temporary activity visas.​

What you can do on a Temporary Activity visa

With this visa, holders are permitted to:

  • remain in Australia for the duration of the event or activity that their visa is tied to, up to a maximum period of:
    • Up to three months for most events to which they have been invited
    • Up to four years for an event or activity which has been formally endorsed by the government of Australia
    • Up to two years for any other type of qualifying activity
  • undertake the activity or work specified within their original application
  • be accompanied by qualifying family members
  • enter and return to Australia as much as they wish provided that their visa remains valid

Temporary Activity Visa Fees

The standard fees for an application for a subclass 408 visa for a primary applicant, spouse and dependent aged under 18 would be around AUD 915.

Product Quantity Price
GG408 Temporary Activity 1 405.00
Additional Applicant Charge 18+ 1 405.00
Additional Applicant Charge U18 1 105.00
GST 0.00
Total AUD  915.00

Sponsorship Fees

Type of application Fee
Temporary activities sponsorship AUD 420

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