Child visa (subclass 101)

Main Features

This visa permits a child currently living outside Australia to travel to and live in Australia with their parents.

For children currently living in Australia, please see Child Onshore (Subclass 802) visa


The child applying must be single i.e. not married, engaged or in a de facto relationship.

Specific age requirements apply for this visa (see below).

Length of stay

This visa permits permanent residence in Australia.


Applications for a Child Visa typcially cost from around AUD 3,055

Typical processing times

75% applications processed within 90% applications processed within
8 Months 13 Months

Who can apply for this visa

Applicants for a this visa should:

  • be less than 18 years old, unless:
    • they are 18-25 and in full-time study; or
    • they are 18 or more but due to a disability they are unable to work and are financially dependent on their sponsor
  • be single
  • have a suitable sponsor

Children applying for this visa are permitted to add their own dependent children to their application, if they have any.​

What this visa permits

Holding this visa permits the child to:

  • stay, work and study in Australia indefinitely
  • enrol in Australia’s public healthcare system, Medicare
  • apply, once they are eligible, for Australian citizenship
  • act as a sponsor for permanent residence for any eligible relatives
  • travel to and from Australia for five years from the date the visa is granted – after that time re-entry to Australia will be dependent on being granted another type of visa


The parent (or spouse/de facto partner of the parent) who is to sponsor the child needs to be a citizen of Australia, a permanent resident visa holder in Australia, or an eligible citizen of New Zealand.

The sponsor must be the child’s biological or adoptive parent, or a step-parent of a step-child aged under 18 if that step-parent retains legal responsibilty for the child.

If the child ​was adopted, to be eligible for this visa the adoption process must have completed before the parent became a citizen/permament resident visa holder in Australia, or an eligible citizen of New Zealand.

 Best interests of the child

In addition to all other considerations, this visa may not be granted if the Australian authorities deem that to do so would not be in the child’s best interests.​

 Health and character requirements

The applying child and any dependent children will be expected to meet the Australian government’s standard health and good character requirements for visa applications.​

Debts to the Australian Government

The applying child and their family members must be free of debt to the Australian Government in order to be eligible for this visa. A visa may be granted in some circumstances where the applicant owes the Australian Government money, provided that there is a formal repayment arrangement in place.

Consent to immigrate to Australia

This visa will only be granted to children aged under 18 if the Australian government is satsified that:

  • it has the formal written consent of every responsible adult and/or agency which has the legal power to decide where the child lives; or
  • the law of the child’s current home country allow them to leave that country; or
  • granting the visa is consistent with any Australian child order which may have been issued

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