Training visa (subclass 407)

The Training Visa (Subclass 407) is a limited short-stay visa intended for individuals who plan to take part in professional development or occupational training in Australia for the purposes of maintaining professional registration, capacity building, or simply improving or broadening their skillset.

Usually, Training Visas are issued for a period of two years and come with a limitation called condition 8102, which specifically prohibits the holder from any work acitivity not directly linked to the training they have been issued the visa for. Applicants must be prepared to obtain and maintain health insurance for the duration of their stay in Australia.

Applications for a Training Visa should be made online, either from within Australia or from abroad. It is possible to include dependent family members in your application.

COMMON VISA CRITERIA There are two possible pathways to apply for this visa, but all applicants must show that:

·          They are at least 18 years old

·          They have a functional level of English language ability

·          They have and will maintain private health insurance

·          They intend to enter Australia on a temporary basis and for the purpose specified in their application

·          They meet standard health and good character requirements for Australian visa applications

Applicants are required to be sponsored by an approved Temporary Activities Sponsor.



Applicants for this pathway are required to be nominated to undertake one of the following activities in Australia:

·          Training necessary for formal membership, license or registration in Australia or their home country

·          Training which is specified in the 407 Training Visa Occupations List – and where the applicant can demonstrate that they have suitable recent experience, which:

    • Is at least equivalent to one full year’s experience in the relevant occupation; and
    • Took place within the previous two years

·          As much as six months’ observation, research or practical work necessary to obtain a qualification to be issued by an overseas instituion

·          Training which is being formally supported by either the applicant’s home government or an Australian government agency

Any applications for occupational training will usually need to demonstrate that a minimum of 70% of the training will be ‘on the job’ training.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Applicants intending to undertake professional development activity should currently be working abroad in either a profesional or management position. Training is usually mostly classroom-based and needs to be in skills which are relevant to the applicant’s current position.


Subclass 407 visas are usually granted for between six months and two years, depending on how much training the applicant has said they intend to undertake in Australia. Once the 407 visa expires, it may be possible to apply for and get a different type of Australian visa.

Applicants physically outside of Australia when this visa is awarded are permitted to:

·          travel to and enter Australia using their Training Visa

·          stay in Australia for the duration of the period of stay which has been granted, which will begin on the day they enter the country

Applicants physically located within Australia when this visa is awarded are permitted to:

·          stay in Australia for the duration of the period of stay which has been granted, which begins on the day they receive their positive decision

Stay periods will always be closely tied to the length of training or professional development specified in your application.

Length of stay, entry requirements and other visa conditions will be detailed when you receive your visa and accompanying grant notification letter.

NOMINATION BY AN EMPLOYER Applicants for this visa must be nominated by an employer (who can not be a sole trader).
Typical work conditions Condition 8102: The main applicant must not work in Australia other than in relation to their course of study or training.

Condition 8104: Secondary applicants (i.e. dependents) can not work for more than 40 hours per fortnight while they are in Australia.

Visa processing time Processing times for Training (Subclass 407) Visas are around three to four months. Prospective applicants who are on another visa which is due to expire may be able to obtain a Bridging Visa to enable them to remain in Australia while their application for a Training Visa is being processed.
Visa Subclass Base Application Charge Additional Applicant Charge 18 And Over Additional Applicant Charge Under 18 Non-Internet Application Charge Subsequent Temporary Application Charge

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