Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190)


The 190 visa is a points-based visa which permits skilled workers to live and work in Australia permanently, providing that they have been nominated by an state or territory government in Australia.


Applicants for a 190 visa must:


Nomination by a State or Territory Government

Each of Australia’s State and Territory governments has an occupation list specific to that area’s own labour requirements. Occupations on these lists may require that applicanst hold evidence of certain specialised skills and/or English language ability, as well as a minimum amount of relevant work experience.

Before submitting an application, interested individuals must first submit an expression of interest (EOI) with details of their nominated occupation, qualifications and skills via the SkillSelect platform. Once the EOI form has been completed, SkillSelect will show an estimate of the points score that a prospective applicant would receive. If this score is high enough, the EOI will be sent to relevant state and territory government agencies in Australia for review and possible nomination.

If, after reviewing their EOI, a state or territory government decides to nominate an individual for a 190 visa, they will contact the applicant to invite them to submit a full application. This invitation is valid for 60 days.

Estimated processing times for applications for the 190 visa can be found here.

Points score

Applicants must meet the points score specified on their invitation letter, which will be at least 65 points. The precise score will depend on the information provided in each applicant’s initial EOI.

Check how many points you might get.

Points test

Use the points table to calculate your test score

Can I apply in Australia or from overseas?

You can be either inside or outside of Australia, both when the initial EOI is submitted and when lodging an application for a Subclass 190 Skilled Nominated Visa. However, note that in order to be allowed to lodge an application within Australia the applicant must be in possession of either a substantive visa or a Bridging A, B or C visa.

It may be possible to obtain a bridging visa for the specific purpose of enabling you to remain in Australia while a visa application is being processed. Please note however that, if your current visa is refused or cancelled, it may not be permitted for you to apply for the 190 visa while remaining in Australia.

State and territory requirements

Each Australian state and territory has its own occupations list, and the precise requirements and process for prospective applicants can vary between each one.

Please consult the following link for additional information about how Australian states and territories nominate applicants.

Assessment authorities

Refer to the list of eligible skilled occupations for details of the relevant assessment authority for your chosen occupation.

What you can do with a 190 visa

The 190 visa is a permanent visa which allows holders to:

  • remain in Australia indefinitely
  • study and work in Australia
  • sign up for the Australian national healthcare insurance scheme, Medicare
  • act as a sponsor for permanent residence applications from eligible relatives
  • apply for Australian citizenship


It is permitted to include in your application a partner, as well as any children or step-children either of you may have. Visas granted to family members who apply in this way will confer the same residence, employment, travel and other rights as the main 190 visa holder.

Your obligations

190 visa holders (as well as any family members) must at all times ensure that they remain compliant with the conditions of their visa, which can be found in VEVO. They must also comply with federal, state and local laws.


190 visa holders are able to travel in and out of Australia without restrictions for five years after the visa is first granted.


189 visa application fees start at around AUD 4,640

Please note that this is a minimum estimate, and you might stil need to pay additional costs to apply for and secure this visa.

VE Lawyers specialises in managing general skilled visa applications. We would be delighted to help you with:

  • Gaining sponsorship from a state or territory government
  • Skills assessments
  • Preparing relative sponsorship applications
  • Registering and monitoring your visa application
  • Formal correspondence with skills assessors, the Department of Immigration, state/territory governments and any other organisation related to your application
  • Managing any bridging visas for you and any family members

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